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This is where I will be publish one-off experimental projects, usually related to math or science.

PI Toothpick Approximation (Pi Day 2022)

Buffon's Needle is a mathematical question with a surprising solution. As it turns out, when you calculate the probability that a line segment of length N intersects a series of parallel lines spaced N units apart, pi makes a unexpected appearance. For Pi Day 2022, I used this fact in reverse to approximate the value of pi by simulating toothpicks being dropped onto evenly spaced lines.

PI-Section (Pi Day 2023)

Before modern computing, pi had to be calculated by hand. Archimedes did this by inscribing a polygon inside a unit circle and circumscribing one outside to find the lower and upper limits of what pi possibly can be. This is a visual demonstration of this method. Check out Veritasium explanation for more details.


EchoVerse is a fictional chat application powered by GPT 3.5. It was created for April Fools' Day 2024

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